OHRENKUNST is a Cologne-based sound design and music production company that specializes in innovative and individually produced sounds. Through the extensive musical influences of founders Charlotte Klauser and Simon Scheibel, OHRENKUNST succeeds at creating sounds and combining them with compositions and songs of the most varied styles.

OHRENKUNST co-founders have extensive experience in soundtrack production for cinema and television (documentaries, TV series), as well as for live music and fashion events (Berlin Fashion Week).

Since its establishment in 2014, OHRENKUNST has contributed to flagship projects commissioned by Google, Hyatt, Bentley and HBO throughout the US in collaboration with Brooklyn-based art & code studio Red Paper Heart. A Google-sponsored project in late 2014 involved sounds and songs for four interactive Android games featured in one of the world's largest screens in Times Square.


FITC Toronto 2017 Opening Titles from FITC on Vimeo.